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If you are a tertiary student, including mature age students, or a non-professional filmmaker between the ages of 18 and 25, you are eligible to submit a film in the UNI GOONIES film festival. 


And guess what? It's FREE! That's right - this won't cost you a dime.

The official submission period for 2019 is between the 1st of August and the 18th of November. Please do not submit your film outside of this period, as it will not be reviewed.

To submit, simply upload your film onto your Youtube channel, make sure it is PRIVATE, then share it with us, by sending us an 'invite' to view. Send the invite to: You can also send it to us via Vimeo.


Make sure you fill out this form and attach it to the email you send us; it includes the Terms and Conditions and Submission Details you need to sign and fill out in order to submit your work. This also includes any other details you may want to know about the submission guidelines.

Remember to look out for an email of confirmation that we have received your film - if you don't get it, contact us immediately.

Your film will firstly be reviewed by the Festival Committee, then judged by a panel of real film industry peoples. To see who were our judges last year, click here.

If selected, your film will be in the running to win Best Picture of a chosen category, as well as Best Director, Best Screenwriter, Best Cinematography, Best Editor, Best Actor and Actress, Best Animation, Best Sound Design and Best Production Design.

Limited prizes are available and may or may not be allocated; we reserve the right to

 make this decision.


Some examples of the prizes we gave out last year, on top of your guaranteed certificate, included: movie tickets; film equipment vouchers; golden passes to Revelation Film Festival; annual memberships to national film guilds; and finally, one-on-one meetings with our industry judges.

Note: If you feel like your film doesn't fit in with any of these categories, don't worry - just choose the most relevant category to your own or shoot us an email telling us about your concern; we may be able to resolve it with you.

Note 2: Remember that your films must be narrative-driven; this excludes showreel or commercial-style videos.

We look forward to seeing your films!


Submit a film that fulfils your wildest genre fantasy - think Westerns, sci-fis, horror, documentary and more! We want to instantly recognise the genre, but remember; don't forget to be original and think outside the box in other ways too.

Things to consider: setting, subject, theme, and style.

Submit a film that captures your favourite tunes, grooves and musical melodies; this is the time to let your music videos shine.

*Remember that we will be judging your films on the quality of the film itself, and its ability to tell the story of the song - not the song alone.

Things to consider: rhythm, aesthetic, symbolism, unique storytelling, narrative.

the UNI GOONIES film festival

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